At UNIT, it’s all about sharing a common passion for electronic music and industrial artwork.

Our mission is simple: supporting underground cultures!

What started as a hobby, has now become UNIT.

With the Decepticons Soundsystem, I was active in the free party scene in the early 2000s,

where I sold my first self-designed T-shirts and later vinyl records under the name Teknosucks.

After many fun years, it was time for a new chapter in 2014: the opening of a physical store in

Breda named UNIT. Here, I could bring all my passions together, including my love for

skateboarding and graffiti! In our store, you’ll find a unique mix of new and second-hand vinyl,

exclusive artwork clothing, skateboards and graffiti supplies. And it’s more than just a store;

it’s a place to chill out, listen to instore DJ’s and have a chat with a beer or coffee in your hand!


Can’t make it to our shop?

Visit us online on Discogs, seller UNIT-BREDA, for new and second-hand vinyl

or check out this webshop for new records, clothes and (custom made) slipmats!


Hope to see you soon!