Out Of Order Second Edition: Molly Macindoe


‘OUT OF ORDER is the culmination of ten years of Molly Macindoe work documenting the underground Free Party and Teknival scene. It is a testament to her ‘sincere passion for the Free Party scene,’ a unique sub-culture that to her ‘felt like home’ the moment she walked into her first rave. Her photography has always been inspired by the beauty to be found in the people and events of the Free Party scene, and subsequently reflects that same sentiment. Controversial in its reactionary attitude, Macindoe’s work is a visual attack on the culture of voyeuristic sensationalism found in the mainstream media. She chooses to portray a very personal narrative with a positive outlook, from a true insider’s perspective. She is redressing the balance, and in the process is producing a work that is more than just an art book, but a social documentary of valuable historical and academic interest. This book sparks a debate on the issue of social responsibility in documentary photography, provoking thought on the further consequences of published work and the ethics of the profession. ‘Out of Order’ will have multiple functionality: an art book for public appreciation, a personal narrative, and a visual archive of a sub-culture for academia .Out of Order contains 400 pages of photographic images in addition to an essay written by Caroline Stedman MA Bsc, an academic specialising in Musicology associated with the rave, teknival and traveller culture

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